Adele - Hello (Sik World Cover) (2016)

Adele - Hello (Sik World Cover) HD
Adele - Hello (Sik World Cover)
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Mixed by Cryo Music (part of Minor League Turn Major)

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"I deleted everything, but I'm still stuck with the memories...
I have a broken a smile I'm not happy I just pretend to be...
Angry & full of jealousy, hate me but Just remember me,
Feeling a lack of energy, latching on what you said to me.

"we'll last forever" but that's a fuckin lie,
cuz' if that was true you wouldn't be fuckin another guy!
Especially when we barely broke up the other night!
Like what did you do to me, u started another fight!!! "
Blame meeeeee

Ever since you left - you don't know what I been thru,
cuz' I been so depressed & there's nobody to vent to,
Theres no heart in my chest, for me to forgive you.
cuz' Id be dating a slut that's how everyone depicts you

and everyone know what you did & that the worst thing,
What's worse is I'm still tryna chase you after how bad you hurt me!
My friends say Jonathon give that bitch up, but their words are not working

It's just when we broke apart a piece of my heart got buried.
I miss you...
Saying I didn't would be a lying
& I'm sad because you're happy now with this other guy.
and time to time, i reminisce our times,

you moved forward, you left me behind
i ask myself how could i be so blind
now I'm heart broken, and you are doing fine
i drink myself to sleep, then I drink again

I wake up to nothing, and you wake up to him
and its that same dude that was your best friend
"yeah just your best friend" fuck it now you're fucking him
you never did love me, you put everyone above me

you made me feel i wasn't shit and you don't discuss me
but when i lost you, I lost my greatest something
but guess when you lost me, it's like you lost nothing

Release Date:Jan 09, 2016

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