The Scarred Man (1988)

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The Scarred Man
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Yuko Kusaka is a Japanese journalist sent to Brazil to do a report on the gold rush phenomenon that seems to be making many people rich from night to day. Rumors say that among the many "garimpeiros" (gold diggers) currently on the Amazon forest, there is a Japanese known as Rio Baraki. Reaching their destination, her crew member is promptly attacked and she is raped as a warning to stop their work and return immediately to their home country. Determined to do her job, she stays and finds out from the attacker that he is none other than Baraki, a white haired muscular man with a large scar on his back. Later she discovers that his real name is Keisuke Ibaraki. Once a promising quarterback, he ended up falsely incriminated by a powerful organization known as GPX.

Title:The Scarred Man
First Air Date:Jul 05, 1986
Last Air Date:Aug 25, 1988
Number of Episodes:5
Number of Seasons:1
Casts:, , , , , , , ,
Alternative Titles:Kizuoibito, Wounded Man
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