I Remember Nelson

I Remember Nelson 1982

Vice Adm. Horatio Nelson's remarkable naval career and troubled personal affairs are brought to life in this miniseries, which tells his famous story through the narratives of those who knew him best.

A Tale of The Brave Khochbar

A Tale of The Brave Khochbar 1987

End of XVII century, Dagestan. A young outlaw named Khochbar accompanies the daughter of the nutsal of Khunzakh Khanate, Saadat, who was married for political reasons to the son of the Shamkhal of Tarki. During the long road, the young princess develops feelings towards Khochbar...

Voyage of the Yes

Voyage of the Yes 1973

Two teenagers set out on a 2000-mile sailboat journey from California to Hawaii and en route combat the natural challenges and their inner shortcomings.

Deep Blue Snow

Deep Blue Snow 1981

Five children miss the school bus because they notice a deer that struggles with a wire and decide to help him so the adventurous expedition begins.


Kuşku 1977

A story about a tourist guide and a young girl whose father and mother were killed.

The Knife of Devil's Roaring and Soul Missing

The Knife of Devil's Roaring and Soul Missing 1976

The movie is structured much like a murder mystery, albeit one that gives the viewer a fight scene every couple of minutes. There’s a murderer who goes by the moniker Devil Swordsman gallivanting around the countryside in an outfit that looks like a ninja cloak by way of a KKK robe who’s killing all of the major kung fu masters and clan leaders with a single swipe to the face. One of his first victims is the head of the White Dragon tribe, whose son, Shan, is played by Dorian Tan Tao-Liang. Shan naturally assumes the role of detective in order to avenge his father, since that’s what people do in these movies.

The Dragon's Vengeance

The Dragon's Vengeance 1972

When our hero (Barry Chan) comes home from working, he finds his father and wife murdered, and a message written in blood. Its vengeance time... He goes in search of those who killed his family and runs into a spoiled bitch (Doris Lung) and later her brother (David Tong Wai). Trouble ensues.


Cossacks-Robbers 1980

In Krasnodar district, during the first years after World War II, a detective story - in which a group of children from a southern seaside town help to neutralize a gang of ruthless thieves - emerges out of young Shurka's discovery of a headless, toy riding horse in a water cave wherein he had taken shelter from a sudden storm separately from his friends with whom he had been swimming in the once mine-infested coastal waters.