Moments in a Matchbox

Moments in a Matchbox 1979

The 12-year-old Aneta and Boy feel that there is something like a first love between them. The kids are traveling to the countryside together. They get to two of Aneta's grandparents - one of her grandmothers was married three times. Aneta's favorite grandfather is her grandmother's third husband. He is not her real grandfather, but she loves him because he likes to fantasize. He taught Aneta a magic game - to light a match and imagine anything in flame. Her favorite grandfather dies. Aneta mourns him for a long time, lights matches but no use.

Red Agate

Red Agate 1973

Young girl is looking for the rare red agate which she believes will cure her grandfather.


Cossacks-Robbers 1980

In Krasnodar district, during the first years after World War II, a detective story - in which a group of children from a southern seaside town help to neutralize a gang of ruthless thieves - emerges out of young Shurka's discovery of a headless, toy riding horse in a water cave wherein he had taken shelter from a sudden storm separately from his friends with whom he had been swimming in the once mine-infested coastal waters.

The Juggler

The Juggler 1980

A juggler in a park opens his magic box and takes out 3 balls. The audience marvels at his dexterity, until one ball escapes. The mutinous ball takes on magical properties as it draws the juggler into a series of adventures with many levels of meaning: appearance, fantasy and love. Without words.

Blind Man's Bluff

Blind Man's Bluff 1977

The adventures of a boy and girl, who in company with a blind young man and his guide dog, track down the kidnappers of their friend.

Deep Blue Snow

Deep Blue Snow 1981

Five children miss the school bus because they notice a deer that struggles with a wire and decide to help him so the adventurous expedition begins.